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How can I eliminate stress from holiday custody exchanges?

Divorced parents who are not in a good place with their children's other parents typically experience the most stress during custody exchanges over the holidays. While there is no guarantee that there will be no glitches to mar this year's winter holidays, there are ways to reduce the likelihood.

What are kids' most common fears when parents divorce?

No matter how committed divorcing parents may be to ensuring that their children get through the process as emotionally unscathed as possible, kids nonetheless develop fears. These may stem from what they've seen their friends go through. They may come from movies or television shows or arise from fights they've seen or overheard as their parents' marriages unraveled.

Should you seek 'right of first refusal?'

"Right of first refusal" may sound like a clause that you'd put in a business contract. However, some parents include this provision in their child custody agreement. It requires that one parent contact the other if he or she isn't able to take care of a child before calling another family member, friend or babysitter to do so.

Tips for sending your kids back to school after parents split

The beginning of a new school year is often hectic and challenging for kids and parents alike. However, for families where the parents have separated or divorced over the summer, the back-to-school transition can be even more daunting, even if the kids don't have to go to a new school.

Handling divergent parenting styles

Sometimes couples don't realize how different their parenting styles are until they break up and spend considerable periods of time parenting their children alone. Maybe they never even considered their individual parenting styles because they always parented their kids as a team.

Sleep problems often affect children of divorce

It's not unusual for children whose parents are going through a separation or divorce to have problems sleeping, even if they haven't previously or since they were very young. They're no doubt feeling at least some level of anxiety. Moreover, they are likely moving back and forth between houses. They have to get used to a new bedroom and new bed.

Verbal abuse and custody rights

If a child has been physically abused by a parent, it may be relatively easy for the other parent to gain primary, if not sole, custody of the children in a custody battle and perhaps require only supervised visitation. However, what if the other parent has been verbally abusive to the child, without actually striking him or her?

Anthony Weiner's guilty plea and child custody rights

The long saga of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned from his job back in 2011 when his sexting activities with multiple women became public, was back in the news this month. Weiner tearfully pleaded guilty to sending an underage girl explicit images of himself last year. That's a federal crime.

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