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What you should know if your divorce involves a medical practice

When doctors who are in private practice divorce, that practice usually has to be handled differently than many other types of businesses would be. A person who isn't a doctor usually can't own a medical practice. Therefore, if the physician's spouse isn't also a doctor, he or she can't get part ownership of the practice in the divorce.

Making smart asset division decisions in divorce

When you're going through a divorce and dividing assets with your spouse, it's important to understand that what seems like an equal division of assets may not be. It's essential to look at what an asset is going to actually cost you in fees and taxes, for example.

High-profile couple asks for privacy in divorce

The troubled marriage and break-up of former congressman Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin have been fodder for the press here in New York and worldwide for some time. However, the couple is now seeking to keep the details of their divorce private.

Handling a child's wedding after your divorce

How do you handle all of the tricky aspects of etiquette when you're divorced (or divorcing) and it comes time for your adult child to get married? The odds are good that it's a bit of an uncomfortable situation, especially if you aren't on particularly rosy terms with your child's other parent or are still nursing your wounds from that relationship.

New York real estate mogul, wife told to expedite divorce

A New York real estate mogul is going public about his divorce from his wife of nearly six decades. The developer, 79-year-old Harry Macklowe, has been joking with reporters about the split. He says that he's offered his wife Linda, also 79, $1 billion to finalize the divorce. He says that this is half of his fortune.

Going through a divorce? Are all your assets on the table?

Your marriage is over, and you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways. When starting the divorce process, you both will be asked to make of list of your shared assets for review and division. If something on that list looks amiss or you feel that your spouse is hiding assets from you, what can you do?

There are many ways that spouses can hide and undervalue assets

A problem that plagues many high-net-worth couples who divorce is a spouse who hides income and other assets so that his or her true net worth can't be determined and divided appropriately in the divorce settlement. Some people begin hiding assets long ahead of asking their spouse for a divorce or in anticipation that their spouse will seek one.

The tax advantages of a New Year's Eve divorce

January traditionally brings a large spike in divorce filings. Couples who found that additional time spent together over the holidays didn't help their relationship -- and perhaps magnified their issues -- decide once and for all to call it quits. Some decide to start the new year by ending an unhappy or even toxic relationship flood New York family law attorneys' offices.

Affordable housing can be a serious problem for divorced moms

For most people, divorce means a downsizing in housing and overall standard of living. Divorce still tends to hit women harder than men, in part because they're the ones more likely to keep the children. One divorce financial planner says that about 90 percent of his clients are women who "often can't rent or buy until they get a court document granting child and spousal income."

Don't forget your timeshare ownership during your divorce

When couples are dividing up property and other assets in a divorce, some potentially valuable assets are can be forgotten. One of these is a timeshare ownership. Many New Yorkers have these in part to have a warm place to escape to for a few days or weeks during the winter. Maybe it was something you only used once a year. Perhaps in the tumult leading up to the divorce, you stopped vacationing there entirely. It can be easily overlooked.

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