Handling All Aspects Of Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can be an important planning tool for couples that are poised to marry. Although many couples shy away from prenups, or even view them as signaling the inevitability of a divorce, the law firm of Philip A. Greenberg, P.C., Attorneys at Law, knows from experience that a prenuptial agreement can be an extremely useful — even vital — marriage tool.

Prenuptial agreements do not imply that you are expecting a divorce or expose flaws in your relationship. Rather, they provide an opportunity for couples to logically and maturely prepare for the future. Much like insurance, prenuptial agreements protect your assets.

Philip Greenberg's New York City firm has over 40 years of experience helping clients prepare for marriage with prenuptial agreements. There are a number of ways that a prenuptial agreement can prepare you for and protect you in your marriage:

  • You can protect your children's inheritance rights.
  • You can limit your spousal support obligations.
  • You can protect your business and other assets such as pensions and real estate.
  • You can protect your intangible assets, such as advanced degrees.
  • You can become emotionally and financially prepared for your partner's goals.
  • You can answer some of the larger questions before they arise unexpectedly such as:
    • Will we have children?
    • If the situation arises, will our family relocate?
    • Who will work when we have children?
    • What religion will we practice in our home?

Although, you might not immediately have all the answers to these questions, preparing and ultimately executing a prenuptial agreement can help you focus on and come to grips with them in a manner that provides for healthy disclosure and certainty in facing the future.

If you are already married, both New York and New Jersey allow postnuptial agreements under essentially the same terms as prenups. If you would like to consider one, call 646-363-6807 or email attorney Philip Greenberg.

Did You Know That Law , Medical Or Other Degrees May Still Be Considered In Dividing Up Marital Property In A New York Divorce?

Until recently, New York case law treated college, professional, and other degrees as a marital asset to be divided, even though a degree is an intangible asset which cannot be borrowed against or sold. While, if you married in the last couple of years, or are getting married now, a degree earned during the marriage is no longer listed as a marital asset, it can still be taken into account in dividing tangible marital property. However, Attorney Philip A. Greenberg, will devise a prenuptial agreement that protects your degree and your other assets

If you are getting married or have recently become married, Manhattan attorney Philip A. Greenberg can help you draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Contact him today to speak with a lawyer who commands decades of experience in family law.