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How New York couples can benefit from prenuptial agreements: part II

In our last blog post we began looking at reasons why it's wise to have a prenuptial agreement and the many benefits of having this type of contract. Once an individual has decided a prenuptial agreement makes sense, an honest conversation with an intended future spouse should follow. Having conversations about a prenuptial agreement, however, isn't always easy or well received.

How New York couples can benefit from prenuptial agreements: part I

Communication and honestly are critical to the success of any relationship. This is especially true in cases where a couple is planning to marry. Unfortunately, many engaged couples fail to have candid conversations and discuss concerns about finances, child rearing and life goals prior to marrying. In fact, rather than discuss these important matters, many couples make assumptions only to realize years later that arguments related to these topics have resulted in their marriage being irrevocably broken.

Divorce and pet custody

The majority of U.S. households have a pet. For many pet owners, particularly those without children, a beloved dog or cat may be viewed and treated as a member of the family. Given American's love of pets, it's no wonder that a growing number of divorce cases involve disputes related to pet custody matters.

Eliot Spitzer's ex-wife likely to profit handsomely from divorce

New York residents probably weren't surprised to learn of the recent divorce filing between Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda Wall Spitzer. While the two were married for more than 26 years and have three grown children together, their marriage has been plagued by scandal.

Insight into why so many U.S. marriages are getting a failing grade

According to information from, an estimated 41 percent of first time marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce. For second and third marriages, that percentage only increases. Relationships, particularly those between spouses, can be complicated. When you factor in concerns and stresses associated with money, children, sex and life goals; it's no wonder that many marriages are unable to weather the storms of everyday life and ultimately end in divorce.

Don't take threats about finances during divorce lightly

An impending divorce can bring out the worst in some soon-to-be ex-spouses. Arguments that erupted during a marriage over finances and child-rearing often persist and grow more contentious during the divorce process. In some cases, an angry ex may takes things a step further and make threats related to an ex-spouse becoming impoverished or being entitled to nothing.

Father files $130M lawsuit after child adopted without his knowledge or consent

Traditionally, in cases where a child is born to a couple that subsequently divorces or breaks up, the mother retains physical custody of the child. There's no doubt that a mother's bond to her child runs deep and that most mothers provide a loving and healthy environment in which a child can grow and thrive. However, when discussing the important role a mother plays in a child's life, it's important to also consider the crucial role fulfilled by a father.

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