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August 2016 Archives

Why is August one of the top 2 months for divorce?

A recent study found that the two most "popular" months in the year for divorce are March and August. As we reach the end of August, it seems like a good time to discuss why the end of summer marks the beginning of the end for so many marriages. In one word, it's "vacations."

Challenging paternity in New York State

While paternity battles are nothing new to the American court system, the number of these cases is on the rise. Paternity, which is determined by presumption (a child born into wedlock), consent (acknowledging a child born out of wedlock), or by court order, is often the center of tense custody battles. Therefore, it is especially important for fathers looking to challenge paternity to understand their rights and know what to expect during the process. 

What is 'prenuptial housing?'

Approaching the person whom you're going to marry with the suggestion of signing a prenuptial agreement can be daunting enough. What about suggesting the idea of buying "prenuptial housing" There may be such a thing available in the U.S. if one Dutch design and engineering firm is able to sell the concept.

6 Ways to protect your business during divorce

During divorce, you split all marital assets in a fair manner. Even if your spouse has never been involved in your business, the business still counts as a joint marital asset in the eyes of the law. Before and during divorce, there are steps you can take to keep you in control of your business assets. Here are six ways to safeguard your business: 

Dividing a vacation home during divorce

Some divorces involve a number of assets and even multiple properties that need to be divided. There may be stocks and retirement accounts to consider. And while those things may not carry an emotional price tag, vacation homes often do. Unfortunately, if you are unable to come to an agreement out of court, then the fate of the vacation home may be in the hands of the courts.

News organizations seek unsealing of Trump's divorce records

When couples go through a divorce, they may ask the court to seal their divorce records. If one or both of the spouses is well-known in the community, they may want to avoid having the details of their personal lives made known. They may also want to help ensure that their children aren't able to learn what may be unpleasant details about their parents' marriage when they get older.

When does a new school year necessitate parenting plan changes?

As the new school year begins, most divorced parents will be transitioning from their summer parenting time schedule to the one for the school year. Whether this is your first school year as separated or divorced parents or not, fall generally brings some changes that require communication and cooperation with your co-parent in order to help your children feel supported and secure.

Multi-million-dollar divorce could move from Monaco to New York

When New York couples divorce, the property division includes gifts that they gave each other during the marriage. If those gifts are worth millions of dollars, they can become a serious issue of contention. That's the case in one divorce that's made its way to the Manhattan Supreme Court

4 ways to make sure your voice is heard during your divorce

If you are getting divorced, chances are you have already been through your fair share of yelling, fighting and exchanges of nasty, hurtful words with your ex. However, when the time comes to actually end your marriage, you might feel like you have no voice in the process.

How can you help build a custody case?

When you're going through a divorce, you'll likely feel bombarded with more paper than you've seen in a long while, given our digital age. You'll also be required to provide records and documentation to seek spousal and custody support and determine how assets will be divided.

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