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What could cause a prenuptial agreement to be invalid?

It's wise for just about every couple who gets married to have a prenuptial agreement. Among other things, it can define individual assets and debts that the two people are brining into the marriage and how those accumulated during the marriage will be divided in a divorce.

Adopted children may need extra support during divorce

Divorce brings about fear and uncertainty for nearly all children. Seeing the family unit they've always known break apart can leave kids wondering where they belong. They're moving between two households, perhaps living by two sets of rules and likely feeling some guilt that the break-up is their fault.

Accepting your kids relationship with your ex's new partner

One of the most challenging times for divorced co-parents often comes when one of them gets a new significant other who becomes part of the children's lives. While it's generally best not to expose kids to an array of casual dates, when a relationship evolves into something serious, it's only normal (and practical) to include that person in your activities with your children.

The tax advantages of a New Year's Eve divorce

January traditionally brings a large spike in divorce filings. Couples who found that additional time spent together over the holidays didn't help their relationship -- and perhaps magnified their issues -- decide once and for all to call it quits. Some decide to start the new year by ending an unhappy or even toxic relationship flood New York family law attorneys' offices.

How much do you know about annulments?

When a person makes the difficult decision to end their marriage, there are a host of ways in which they may proceed. To illustrate, if the desire to divorce is mutual and the couple is in agreement about their children, finances and property, they may proceed with an uncontested divorce, while if they are on good terms and able to cooperate, they may proceed with divorce mediation.

Divorce and spousal Social Security benefits

Most people going through divorce focus on separate and marital property such as homes and cars as well as savings, retirement and investment accounts. However, no matter what your age, it's essential to consider how your divorce can affect your Social Security benefits.

Obtaining legal rights to a child who isn't yours

We talk a lot here about parents' rights to child custody. However, in too many cases, sadly, neither parent is able to care for a minor child -- often due to addiction, mental illness and/or incarceration. Some parents simply aren't fit to raise a child. They may be abusive or negligent.

Did the presidential election break up marriages?

The recent presidential election sparked strong emotions and conflicts throughout New York and the rest of the country, perhaps more than any in recent history. The wide variety of economic, religious and social issues addressed and the overall negative tone pitted colleagues, neighbors, friends and even family members against one another.

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