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High Asset Divorce Archives

Hedge fund founder's ex-wife loses another court battle

When a couple with considerable wealth divorces, it's essential that both spouses provide a complete and truthful accounting of their assets. Sometimes, one or both will bring in forensic accountants if they believe that their spouse is hiding assets to minimize his or her payment to the other.

How do you keep your divorce from impacting your work?

It's only natural that a life-changing event like a divorce will impact your work. In addition to the emotional component, it can be time consuming. Of course, the more contentious or complex the divorce, the more time you're likely spending in court, meetings, conference calls and depositions.

In a high net worth divorce your spouse could be hiding assets

When the topic of divorced finally lands on the table, many New York couples are relieved and ready to get out of the relationship. Despite this, divorces often get very messy very quickly, even when both parties are eager for the split. When high value assets are at stake, the situation can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Some spouses even go so far as to try hiding a portion of marital property.

Do you need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

Those who may be contemplating divorce should be aware of the different ways that a split can affect retirement benefits. An ex-spouse may be entitled to some benefits from the retirement plans of a former wife or husband. There are also additional factors at play, such as whether an ex can immediately access part of the assets or whether he or she must wait until the plan participant retires or dies.

When a divorce is not really a divorce

Imagine falling in love, marrying, having a child together and living a jet-set life for two decades, hopping among homes in France, Massachusetts and Manhattan. Contrast that with the recent discovery that the man you considered to be your husband had secretly divorced you in a foreign country only four months after the wedding.

You may have a good case for spousal support

If you are going through a divorce, make sure that your attorney investigates the possibility of seeking spousal support for you. Not only may you be pleasantly surprised at what you could be entitled to receive, you might have many unexplored revenue streams.

Accurate asset valuation is important in a high asset divorce

As a bustling city filled with high value business operations, Manhattan is home to some of the most asset-rich business people in the world. Often, it is a family affair, with both partners in a marriage contributing to the net worth of the family. When and if divorce looms on the horizon, it can leave both spouses scrambling to gather the right documentation necessary to fairly distribute the assets accrued during the marriage.

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