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Sleep problems often affect children of divorce

It's not unusual for children whose parents are going through a separation or divorce to have problems sleeping, even if they haven't previously or since they were very young. They're no doubt feeling at least some level of anxiety. Moreover, they are likely moving back and forth between houses. They have to get used to a new bedroom and new bed.

There are some important steps you can take to help your child sleep and prevent this from becoming a long-term issue. It's tempting to let your child crawl into bed with you. It's probably comforting for both of you. However, it can be a hard habit to break.

Handling a child's wedding after your divorce

How do you handle all of the tricky aspects of etiquette when you're divorced (or divorcing) and it comes time for your adult child to get married? The odds are good that it's a bit of an uncomfortable situation, especially if you aren't on particularly rosy terms with your child's other parent or are still nursing your wounds from that relationship.

Here's something that you need to keep in mind: Your child and your ex-spouse are probably just as uncomfortable with the situation as you are. Nobody wants the event to be miserable for anyone else -- because that will definitely sour an atmosphere that's supposed to be festive.

Understand why prenups are so important for engaged couples

When your boyfriend or girlfriend proposes to you, the planning for your wedding begins. Don't focus so much on the process of getting ready for the wedding that you don't take the time to protect yourself.

Nobody wants to think that their marriage will end. This is especially true if the marriage hasn't even begun. It is still best to plan for the possibility just so that you have the peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

Moving into retirement with comfort following a late life divorce

If you have put years of planning and saving into retirement, chances are, you probably do not want to let anything derail your preferred timeline. Unfortunately, life is often full of unexpected changes, one of which may be the end of a marriage. Perhaps you and your spouse are considering taking separate paths moving forward, you might have concerns about the potential consequences of a late life divorce.

With the potential of having less to tie them together, such as young children, some couples might begin to grow apart or feel as though they would be better off alone. There may still be a certain amount of financial strings that keep you attached, and if you wish to break these strings, proceeding with caution may be in your best interests.

Financial issues that are leading predictors of divorce

Financial issues are a leading cause of divorce, surpassed only by incompatibility and infidelity, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. Of course, financial issues among couples are many and varied.

Certain issues, however, are more likely to lead to divorce than others. Following are five, according to Divorce Magazine:

Divorce rates decline in New York City, increase in Staten Island

According to data recently released by New York's Office of Court Administration, the divorce rate in New York City has recently been declining. Despite the overall trend, in two of the city's boroughs, Staten Island and the Bronx, it seems they are experiencing a small increase instead.

Among New York City's five boroughs, statistics released by the government agency show that there were some 27,614 divorce filings submitted to the court last year alone. This number more than 2,000 less than the divorce filings submitted in 2015. While requests submitted in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are on the decline, the opposite is the case for Staten Island and the Bronx.

Verbal abuse and custody rights

If a child has been physically abused by a parent, it may be relatively easy for the other parent to gain primary, if not sole, custody of the children in a custody battle and perhaps require only supervised visitation. However, what if the other parent has been verbally abusive to the child, without actually striking him or her?

That can be a more challenging fight in family court. Verbal abuse generally does not fall under the umbrella of domestic violence, nor is verbal abuse alone a criminal offense. However, as anyone who has experienced it knows all too well, verbal abuse can be every bit as destructive to a young person as physical abuse.

Adjusting to your new financial normal after divorce

Divorce can be anywhere from challenging to devastating financially. Even people who obtain a fair settlement often find that they need to readjust their budget.

It's simply more expensive to live on one income than for two income earners to share a home and other expenses, even if you downsize, as many divorced people do, to a smaller home. There are a number of ways that you can make the transition to living on your own less painful.

Are there better options than divorce after decades of marriage?

Increasingly, more married couples in their 50s and older are calling it quits. However, when you have decades of intertwined finances, divorce can be complicated and can cost both spouses more than they are willing to give up.

If you aren't going to take the step of filing for divorce, but you want to protect yourself, a legal separation is often a wise choice in order to protect your financial future. Chances are that if you're living apart, you don't want to be responsible for any debts that your estranged spouse incurs.

Protect the state of your empire in your New York divorce

As a successful businessperson, you've worked hard to get where you are. You put in the long hours and went the extra mile to get where you are today. No one can ever take that away from you or deny that you provided for your family as best you could.

Unfortunately, now that your marriage is ending, there is a cloud of uncertainty hanging over everything you have accomplished. You may have questions and concerns about what will happen to all that you've worked so hard to attain. The following brief overview of property division law in New York may address some of those issues.

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