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Co-parenting tips that can help to minimize stress

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Child Custody |

Parents who go through a divorce have to consider how each decision that they make as their family transitions will impact their children. This can add complexity to a situation that’s already stressful.

When parents are in a position where they can get along while raising the children, they may be able to make a co-parenting relationship work. There are several ways parents might reduce their stress as they move from a romantic to a co-parenting situation.

Learn to let relationship issues go

Letting go of the issues that led to the end of the romantic relationship may help you to remain more objective when it comes to decisions related to the children. It’s critical for co-parents to make decisions based on what’s best for the kids.

Compromise on child-related matters

Compromising on matters related to the kids can give them a wonderful life. This can mean parents exchanging parenting time if one parent has something important going on during the other parent’s time. An example of this would be if out-of-town relatives visit.

Behave like a parenting team

As a parenting team, you and your ex should work together to support the children. This can involve a variety of things, so you have to determine what will work in your circumstances. Attending school functions together or spending holidays together are two options for this.

Establish joint rules

Parents might be able to establish joint rules that apply to both homes. While every rule might not be exactly the same, having basic rules that are can make the transition between homes a bit easier. For example, having the same bedtime or rules for going out with friends that are the same in both homes may benefit the children.

Having co-parenting terms outlined in a family’s parenting plan is beneficial because both adults can refer to the agreement if there are any questions about how to handle situations. Working with someone familiar with co-parenting agreements may make it easier for parents to learn what they should include in this foundational document, and how to more effectively mitigate tensions moving forward.