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Trusted Representation In Complex And High-Asset Divorce

If your divorce will involve dividing vacation or investment real estate, a family business or professional practice, or other unusual or complex assets, your divorce lawyer needs to be aware of both the legal issues and the financial consequences of the available choices. When attorneys fail to properly address these sophisticated matters, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to reverse these mistakes. Hiring a qualified attorney who thoroughly understands these matters can help prevent future headaches from emerging. That’s why you should contact Philip A. Greenberg, P.C., Attorneys at Law.

After more than 40 years in practice, attorney Philip A. Greenberg has substantial experience helping wealthier clients in both New York and New Jersey achieve truly equitable divisions of their property based on accurate valuations and a full understanding of the complexities. Mr. Greenberg has decades of experience helping people like you. He will always put your needs first.

Dividing Complex And Unusual Assets During Divorce

While most divorces include the division of property and debt, that division can become quite complex for high net worth individuals. Depending on your unique situation, you might need to divide assets like:

  • A family business, partnership or professional practice
  • Real estate investments and vacation properties
  • Stock, bond and investment portfolios
  • Intellectual property assets such as royalties, copyrights and trade secrets
  • Income from trusts or annuities

Because attorney Greenberg has so much experience in business and corporate law, real estate law and civil litigation, he has an exceptionally broad base of knowledge about these issues as they relate to divorce.

Concerned that your spouse may have hidden assets or concealed income to prevent them from being considered? Every account, source of income, asset and debt must be identified in the divorce, even if they will not ultimately be divided. Mr. Greenberg works with valuation experts and forensic accountants to ensure that clients are fully informed about their financial positions.

Contact The Firm Today To Discuss Your Concerns

Cases involving significant or unusual assets require focused, hands-on care. Mr. Greenberg can explain your legal options and protect your rights. He is sensitive to the emotional issues that are often inherent in family law matters and is dedicated to helping his clients solve them advantageously and cost-efficiently.

To discuss your needs and legal options, call 332-262-6760 or contact Mr. Greenberg by email. He can meet with you in his Manhattan office or in a location convenient to you.