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Experienced Guidance When You Need To Modify A Family Law Order

If you wish to modify an existing family law court order, it is important that you consult with an experienced lawyer who can carefully advise you of your rights and help you determine your best course of action. For help in New York or New Jersey, contact Philip A. Greenberg, P.C., Attorneys at Law. The firm provides representation to clients in a wide range of modification proceedings, including those related to child support, child custody, parenting time (visitation) and spousal support.

Modifying Child Support Obligations

If your circumstances have changed significantly since the time that your last child support order was entered, you may be able to obtain a child support modification. Attorney Philip A. Greenberg can perform a child support calculation on your behalf using the New York or New Jersey child support guidelines to determine if you are paying too much support or not receiving a sufficient amount of support in accordance with the law. He also has experience in cases in which a client is seeking a child support deviation based on unique circumstances.

Child Custody And Parenting Time Modifications

There are situations in which a change of custody is warranted. Is your child’s well-being jeopardized by the current custody award? Are there concerns about abuse, parental neglect or chemical dependency? Has a custodial parent repeatedly violated your right to have court-ordered parenting time with your child? If these or other factors are at issue, Mr. Greenberg can help you determine if you may have a basis to obtain a change of custody.

Do you need to modify an existing parenting time schedule to accommodate changes to your work schedule or your child’s schedule? Are there other reasons why a modification of the existing parenting time schedule is in your child’s best interests? If so, contact the firm today.

Making Changes To Spousal Support Orders

Have you been laid off from work? Do you need to cut back on your work hours due to a serious medical condition? Has your spouse who is receiving spousal support remarried? If these or other significant changes have occurred, impacting your ability to pay support or your need to receive support, then you may be entitled to a spousal support modification.

Discuss Your Options During An Initial Consultation

Philip A. Greenberg, P.C., Attorneys at Law, is based in New York City and provides representation to clients in New York and New Jersey. To schedule a consultation with Philip A. Greenberg, P.C., Attorneys at Law, call 332-262-6760 or contact the firm via email. He can meet with you in his Manhattan office or in a location convenient to you.