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Will Your Divorce Involve Alimony?

Alimony (now officially called “maintenance” or “spousal support” in New York) is a highly complex issue that could significantly impact your rights during and after a divorce. If you are getting divorced and you or your spouse is seeking spousal support, then it is critical that you retain an experienced family law lawyer who can ensure the protection of your rights. You can find the highly qualified representation you require at Philip A. Greenberg, P.C., Attorneys at Law. Located in New York City, the firm provides representation to clients in New York and New Jersey in divorce and family law matters.

The Basics Of Spousal Support And Maintenance Claims

Courts may award temporary spousal support while a divorce is pending or permanent support as part of a divorce decree. New York has developed guidelines that courts must consider when awarding temporary support during a divorce, but courts may deviate from the guidelines when circumstances warrant it.

Courts in New York and New Jersey have considerable discretion when it comes to permanent spousal support awards. Courts have the discretion to determine whether to award support, the amount of the support award and the duration of the support award. Key issues that courts will consider include the length of the marriage, the ability of a spouse to pay and the need of the other spouse to receive support.

Given the significant discretion granted to courts in such matters, it is often best for parties to reach their own agreement on spousal support. You will find attorney Philip A. Greenberg’s negotiation skills – when coupled with his knowledge and experience – invaluable in helping you to reach an agreement that benefits both you and your family. If an agreement cannot be reached and you have to litigate, then Mr. Greenberg is an experienced litigator who knows how to skillfully frame complex financial issues and make a compelling case in court.

Legal Skill And Experience You Can Depend On

Attorney Greenberg has been representing clients in divorce and family law matters for more than 40 years. He is highly regarded in the legal community, having been selected for inclusion in the New York Super Lawyers list for multiple years, an annual distinction given to the top 5% of attorneys in New York.

Mr. Greenberg has represented many high-income clients and has experience representing those who are married to high-income spouses. He also helps clients resolve spousal support disputes. Whether your case is best resolved by negotiation, mediation or trial, attorney Greenberg will provide the vigorous representation you require.

In many instances, clients come to Mr. Greenberg because they hired the wrong attorney the first time. He will conduct a thorough analysis of every situation to determine what steps may be taken to rectify a negative outcome. Whether he is the first or the fourth lawyer a client is seeing, he will provide the personalized care and attention that every individual deserves.

Get Your Alimony Questions Answered During An Initial Consultation

From offices in Manhattan, Philip A. Greenberg, P.C., Attorneys at Law, serves clients in New York and New Jersey. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Greenberg in the office or at a location that’s convenient for you, call 332-262-6760 or contact him via email.