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Is There Implicit Bias Against Men In Family Court?

Men who are going through a divorce, paternity proceeding, child custody dispute or other family law matter often feel that they are at a disadvantage. All too often, they feel that the system is stacked against them. While the concept of fathers’ rights relates largely to child custody and visitation issues, the term “men’s rights” in the context of family law refers primarily to financial matters, such as property division, spousal support, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and division of marital debts.

As a man, you have the same rights under New York and New Jersey law as a woman. You have a right to an equitable division of the marital estate. You have a right to be treated fairly. Attorney Philip A. Greenberg will work to protect your rights.

A Premier Family Law Attorney Passionate About Your Rights

Back in the 1970s, state legislatures across the country expressed their commitment to gender equality in family law by changing the language of their statutes to be gender-neutral. This was an important development, but it did not wipe away people’s implicit biases that men are financial providers and women are caretakers. After realizing that the rhetoric of gender neutrality had gone further than the practice, attorney Greenberg decided to devote himself to helping men obtain fair treatment in decisions about their finances and property. He has been leading in this area for over 40 years.

As a lawyer, Mr. Greenberg is committed to the goal of equal treatment under the law. Both men and women love their children dearly, and both genders face difficult financial challenges during and after a divorce. What often happens to men in a divorce is that key issues are considered and then resolved piecemeal, obscuring the complete financial reality a man is facing. For example, a man may be ordered to pay child support and spousal support even though he is receiving a smaller share of the marital estate.

Many of these divorce decisions are difficult, if not impossible, to undo. This makes it critical to work with an accomplished, experienced family law attorney from the beginning of the process. Attorney Greenberg takes a solutions-oriented approach that provides lasting value for his clients. For men who previously worked with different attorneys, he will thoughtfully review their situations to identify solutions that will allow his clients to land on their feet.

What You Can Expect: Strategic Planning And Case Management

As an experienced divorce lawyer, Mr. Greenberg understands that taking cases to court is often not in a client’s best interests. He understands that negotiating creative agreements that benefit both parties is often the best way to secure the most financially advantageous outcome in a divorce. He is always prepared to vigorously protect a client’s rights in the courtroom when an opposing party is unwilling to be reasonable, but he also understands the value of resolving cases creatively and cost-efficiently.

Creativity is often an overlooked and undervalued trait in a divorce lawyer. From decades of experience, Mr. Greenberg may be able to discern ways to effectively resolve your case in a manner that might be overlooked by less-experienced attorneys.

Attorney Greenberg takes a global view of his clients’ cases, taking into account the manner in which issues such as child support, property division, marital debt and spousal support will collectively impact his clients’ financial security. He provides his clients with candid advice as well, which is critical. By doing so, he empowers his clients to make informed decisions about their cases, which will positively impact the outcomes of their cases.

Mr. Greenberg starts each case by listening to his client. He takes time to understand your objectives and put in place legal measures with your needs in mind. He then prepares each case for the possibility of trial and negotiates simultaneously with your spouse’s counsel to seek a favorable resolution on your behalf. Should negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution measures fail to resolve disputed matters, Mr. Greenberg is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer who will vigorously defend your rights and interests in the courtroom.

The Importance Of Well-Written Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Attorney Greenberg has more than 40 years of experience helping clients prepare for marriage with prenuptial agreements. If you are already married, a postnuptial agreement may be used to protect your assets and your rights. Both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements must be properly drafted and executed. When such agreements are not properly drafted and executed, they are more likely to be successfully challenged in the event of a divorce.

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