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Proving paternity is essential for unwed fathers

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Child Custody, Father’s Rights |

Fathers should not be forced out of their children’s lives as a result of a mother’s wishes. Sadly, many unmarried men face struggles when trying to obtain custody or visitation time with their children.

One of the things that unmarried men should remember is that women will retain custody of their children when they’re unmarried. Unless there is proof of your paternity and you exercise your right to visitation, there will be no way for you to obtain access to your child. If the woman who had your child refuses to allow a DNA test, you will need to go to court to get one ordered.

What is the importance of a DNA test?

DNA tests are around 99% accurate, which means that if you receive test results showing that you’re the father, the court will uphold your right to take on the responsibilities that come with that title. The court can then grant you visitation and custody rights accordingly.

Without DNA evidence, the mother of the child will have to allow you visitation on her own, or you will both need to sign voluntary agreements that you are the father. Failing to do this will leave her no way of obtaining child support and you no legal relationship with your child.

Your New York attorney will step in and help you guarantee your rights as the father of a child. If you did not know about your child in the past or want to exercise your rights as a father with a newborn, your attorney can help prove your biological relationship.